Eat With Me – Film Review

Eat With Me is a film based in California about a gay asian man whose mum decides to leave her husband and live with him. He owns a restaurant, but cooks uninspiring food, and lives a promiscuous lifestyle. His mother has a tense relationship with both her husband and her son. The main story arch of the film is her coming to terms with her son’s sexuality. However, there are also other story arcs about the restaurant, her son’s relationships, and her friendship with her son’s neighbour. George Takes has a small cameo in this, which is quite nice.

I found the film quite enjoyable. Even though it’s a gay film, there is quite a conservative message to it. The son (Elliot) is living a promiscuous life, but seems to find love just as his mum is learning to accept his sexuality. This coincidence seems to reinforce the idea that gay people seek more stable relationships when they are accepted by those around them. As I was watching the film I started to realise that this wasn’t a film for gay men, but for their mothers.

I think there should be a club for mothers whose children have come out, and it has taken them a while to accept it. Emma, the mother, is clearly from a more conservative family background. And even though she is living with her gay son, she struggles to accept him for who he is. Then as she lives with him, and sees that he is happy, and that his sexuality is not a barrier to his life (with the encouragement of friends), she comes to accept him.

So I suppose what I recommend is screening this film to mothers of LGBT children. That is the demographic that may find it useful in their emotional journey. I didn’t identify much with the LGBT protagonist. But I think their relationship with resonate with some people.


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