Silver Horizon by Trey Pearson – LGBT Music

Trey Pearson released this single a few weeks ago. Trey Pearson was a Christian Rock singer in the band Every Sunday. However, after he came out last year the festival they were due to play at refused to allow them on stage with him. There was then a quiet period where there hasn’t been much news about him, but now he as released a single called Silver Horizon. The song is about going through trouble, but then meeting the one you love after all of the challenges and turmoil.

The music video is quite beautiful. It is set in a church and a young man stands up in front of the congregation and sings this song. He really gets into it, and is clearly enjoying himself. Then towards the end his boyfriend jumps out of his pew and runs forward and kisses him. The congregation then applaud. It is a nice message of hope. I think, based on this first single, Trey Pearson is a good addition to the genre of LGBT music. Christian music has a lot of hope to it, and it seems he is bring that hope, without the dogma, to the LGBT scene. He looks like one to watch.


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