Mocking Putin

Recently it emerged that the Russian government banned and image (and possibly several images) of Putin in drag. This is a minor addition to the raft of anti-LGBT actions taken by the Kremlin (and various other arms of the Russian government) in the past few years. This has included banning LGBT media because they say it may corrupt the youth (nonsense), banning trans people from driving cars (nonsense), and more recently their silence on the possible imprisonment or murder of 100 gay people in Chechnya.

It’s not entirely clear which image has been banned, but most news sources seem to think that it is the one of the bottom left of these images. Clearly this image, and images like it, should be shared as widely as possible. Putin’s ban on this image is an affront to the LGBT community, and an affront to free-speech. Putin has a history of trying to silence opposition through shady legal and illegal measures. The best way to oppose him if you use a platform like this is to mock him as openly as possible, and share these images.


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