Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli – Book Review

This Teen/Adolescent book is about a high school student in Atlanta who is undergoing the process of falling in love to a mystery boy at his school, and coming out at the same time. The book is written with alternating chapters, one which follows Simon in his real life (narrated from the first person), and the other is the email conversation between Simon and Blue.

I quite enjoyed the novel. It is an easy read and I managed to complete it in one evening. I think you know what you’re getting with this type of novel, there will be some awkward and embarrassing moments, but by the end of it you’re left with a feeling of hope and positivity towards the world. It felt like a John Green novel.

I liked the calculations Simon made during the novel when he was thinking about it, making lists of who he thought would be cool with it and who he thought would have trouble with. Some of the calculations were a bit superficial, such as how his parents would react based on their religious persuasion and political leanings. Those aspects are important, but I think it would have been more realistic if the author had paid more attention to their personalities. I think the calculations are more complex than that.

After I finished this novel I read around it and found that it is going to be made into a film. The film should be released next year, so that is something to look forward to. In film versions often they tame down the more controversial aspects of the book for a mainstream audience, so let’s hope that doesn’t happen here. I recommend reading the book before the film is released, since it is such an easy read. It is also a good read. It’s one of those books that isn’t ambitious in what it is trying to do, but in its own way is a positive contribution to the LGBT cannon.



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