Troye Sivan to receive GLAAD Stephen F. Kolzak Award

Troye Sivan is a young (21) actor, singer and Youtuber who has shot to global fame in the past few years, particularly among the LGBT community, for being unapologetic and proud of his sexuality – as well as for being quite a talented musician. What I particularly like about his music videos is that he consistently showcases his queer side, and does not shirk from showing his sexual identity from the world.



The Stephen F. Kolzak award celebrates individuals “making a significant difference in promoting equality and acceptance.” I have mixed feelings about Troye Sivan getting this award. On the one had what he has done through his music and on Youtube has contributed to the acceptance of LGBT people, particularly among younger generations. He is also one of the more famous winners of the award (although Ellen is the most famous, since I don’t even have to give her surname for you to know who she is). On the other hand, I still think that these awards should go to people who have been involved in these issues in media for longer. That said, I can’t think of many who have commanded public attention the way Troye has in the past year, nor can I think of someone who has promoted music with lyrics about same-sex relationships with such success. Aside from the award, I do look forward to what Troye Sivan has planned for the next few years.



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