Buenos Aires Rename Subway Station After Gay Activist

This weekend in Buenos Aires a subway station named after Carlos Jáuregui, who was a gay AIDS activist who died in 1996, opened to the public. He was a defender of LGBT rights and the first president of the Argentina Homosexual Community. It seems that his story recently received national recognition within Argentina after his story was retold as part of a television series about medical stories/achievements in Argentina (History Clínica). You can see a clip of them decorating the new station here (caution: rainbows and love for LGBT people)


I really like that the Buenos Aires local government have decided to honour a gay activist my naming a subway station after them. I don’t think there have been many instances of public places being named after LGBT AIDS activists. I also like that they have been bold in decorating the station in colours that promote Pride.

I think the world needs more of this. We need more public places that recognise the contribution of LGBT people to the world, whether it be campaigners for LGBT rights, or for AIDS activism. Argentina has some of the best records in the world on LGBT rights. It looks like the country is forging ahead not just in rights, but also now in recognising of the contribution of LGBT people to the country.

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